The Setting

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The Setting

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The kingdoms of Ren, Nobunori, and Rei met in the heart of the land to stage their final battle and decide which force would unify all nations under one rule. The abhorred kingdom of Shi joined the battle, as well, attempting to take advantage of the chaos and claim the country for themselves. With the most powerful beings all gathered in the same vital place, a mounting disturbance was generated, escalating to the point that the whole country was affected.

Away from the battlefield - natural disasters struck, wildlife went into a crazed rampage, and elementals spawned, destroying/attacking anything near. The struggle reached its crescendo when The Great Beast was awoken. A titanic creature thought to be a myth was aroused from its slumber and made its appearance on the battlefield. Knowing they would all be destroyed by it unless they temporarily teamed up, the (remaining) Champions from each kingdom joined forces and struck it down.

But by then the damage had already been done, and all four dynasties were decimated.

~20 years later ... Present..

Civilization and humanity dwindle, elementals continue to spawn and wreak havoc.

The son of Nibori (deceased Nobunori daimyo), Kōsen Osamu (teen), is holed up in the ruins of the kingdom's old castle, tyrannizing the people still loyal to the blue flag. His "reign" is limited to the castle he hides in and its town, unlike his father who commanded the largest expanse of land out of the three kingdoms.

Ren's castle was utterly destroyed by either an earthquake or volcano - perhaps both. The royal family was lost in the war, and there are multiple stories as to the outcome of the Legendary Four. Some say they also died during the final battle, others say they disbanded and went their separate ways. Midland is now in perpetual turmoil as warlords fight for land. The population is largely made up of bandits, mercenaries, and bounty hunters. The most prominent group of mercenaries call themselves the Rambunctious Renegades, and are amassing a large following. They're a greedy bunch, but are particularly interested in a set of jewels.

To the south, what was once Rei's territory is now a handful of islands and marshes. It's believed there are still some small towns scattered about, but the area is largely uninhabitable. With the smallest military force, the kingdom is believed to have been completely wiped out on that fateful day.

Rumor has it the leader of Shi was also destroyed during the battle. However, the status/location of the undead kingdom continues to remain a mystery.

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